The modern business needs to optimize for two Technology Operating Environments

On-premise technology


Cloud technology

Introducing CloudSmart Hybrid Server

A Hybrid Server for the Modern IT World

HCX Business

Designed for organizations that need to adopt a Hybrid IT approach to managing applications and storing data, both on-premises and via cloud services, while maintaining complete control over their security and data.

Additionally, they are delivered with pre-bundled core IT services, local private cloud capability, are fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Azure Stack/Azure Storage, and include an online dashboard portal which provides visibility of all these services.

We bundle, automate and manage just about everything you need for enterprise-grade operation with a single, virtually turnkey server to fulfill the needs of operating in a modern IT world.

  • Managed Backup
  • Offsite Backup to Cloud
  • Active Directory and Single Sign On
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Deploy Virtual Servers
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Azure Public Cloud Integration
  • AD Security
  • Centralize Customer Dashboard
  • Remote Desktop Enabled

This next-generation server was built specifically to help MSPs differentiate and compete in the modern IT world.

Truly integrated, Azure-certified platform

No upfront costs, no inventory, no partner fees

Fully Managed Server

Backup and DR managed and monitored

Instant plug and play value

Consolidated Management Dashboard of all clients

Fast Implementation

Minimal Investment

Increase your Brand Awareness with Customization and Branding Capabilities

Create a custom look by adding a custom badge or custom bezel with your company’s logo.

Further customization includes custom dashboard URL, login page, and dashboard branding.

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